concept homes
for a long time the options to own a new house have been, buying a project home or to engage an architect (or designer) to design + develop a plan built as a “one off”.  a project home is cheaper, but the designs are limited, often don’t match peoples’ needs and don’t fit many sites. on the other hand an architect designed home might meet your needs and fit your site, but it can cost 3-4 times more per square metre than a project home.

combining the best qualities of both
now environa studio offers another way, an architecturally designed home at the cost of a quality project home, the best of both worlds.  the house plan is customised to your specific brief and site, you get a guaranteed build price from one of australia’s most reputable builders, in a process faster than the traditional designer-to-builder method.

what is the process
our concept homes are based on room ‘modules’ that we can combine in an unlimited variety of ways. we don’t use specific plans as such, but rather a range of plans and concepts that we modify to suit you. for single-storey, double-storey, split-level, atrium, duplex and courtyard houses we can adapt to any site, using the ‘modules’, to give you a unique home.  the final plans are then costed and built, to a high level of finish, by a volume home builder with whom we have developed a close relationship, to give you an economical home.
is this for me?

call us to discuss your project.  we do not release our ‘modules’ or developed plans on the web or by email (for obvious reasons) but we can arrange to show you some ideas and discuss what is appropriate for your site and needs.

how to start?
designing and costing the house has 3 stages:  the first stage we arrange a survey of the land (if you don’t already have one) then we will meet with you to discuss the home design in detail so we can prepare a plan that meets your needs.  the second stage we develop the plan in further detail, with a 3D model showing all the spaces inside and out.  the third stage we prepare a specification of the materials and finishes, and the builder prepares a fixed price tender.

the cost to build?
as a guide the tender price will be around $2,500 per square metre (depending on the site, design and specification) this provides a complete home, includes internal fittings and finishes, and all fees (except the initial contract).  this is about half the cost of a usual ‘one-off’ architect designed home; and is only possible because we have developed house plan modules, engineered the process and negotiated an exclusive arrangement with the builder.