UNSW low carbon buildings and cities deo Prasad weekly reading & report for assignment 1 presenter
october 24
black talk ‘david hertz’ host september 19
architectural axis 2013 ‘low and close: the greenest way forward to housing density’ presenter march 22
sydney walks 2013 ‘surry hills walk’ february 16

sydney open 2012 ‘the wayside chapel’ november 3
the property congress ‘what’s next – what we’ll be building in the new economy’ november 1
architecture on show at Kogarah with tone wheeler october 31
architecture on show ‘sustainability ages, a discussion on the history of the idea of sustainability’ october 30

insulation australiasia ‘insulation industry seminar’ speaker august 1

NSW access consultants network 'unjustifiable hardship workshop' december 1
HIA building and business conference ‘sustainable design choices’ guest presenter may 19
historic houses trust ‘sustainable lessons from the vernacular’ guest presenter may 3
detail architectural axis conference, ‘the third wave of sustainability’ presenter march 18

less red tape more green action, november 16
sydney architecture festival, guest speaker, 20 october – 7 november
powerhouse museum, afternoon series talks ‘architect designed project homes’ october 27
powerhouse museum, afternoon series talks ‘reincarnating mcmansions’  october 24
sydney architecture festival, designated festival champion, november
modern italian architecture tour, italy, tour leader, september
australian steel convention ‘sustainable buildings’ presenter, september 12
brisbane writers festival presentation ‘populate or perish’ september 1-5
green building & design 2010 ‘green buildings versus green systems’ facilitator, september 3
RMIT green building and design conference ‘long life, loose fit, low impact’ presenter. september 3
Cdevelop property development boot camp ‘working with an architect’ july 4
kingspan australian product launch, guest speaker, june 23
AIA institute of architects nsw chapter awards, mc, june 18
AIA nsw chapter winter talk series ‘suntrap to zero carbon’ june 8
RAIA 2010 national refuel series, 9 cities ‘sustainability in building design’ presenter, june

design institute of australia, annual design forum, guest speaker, october 18
sydney architecture festival world architecture day, guest speaker, october 5
bangkok design festival venice biennale ‘abundant australia’ forum speaker, september 26
AIBS state conference ‘designing minds + surviving in the real world’, guest presenter, september 19
think brick australia ‘designing for climate’ feature presentation, september 12
AIBS state conference ‘going beyond the sustainable regulations’ guest presentation, september 1
AWA national conference ‘thermal comfort of architecture’ guest presenter, august 12
think brick australia ‘designing for climate’ launch, 6 major cities, presenter, july
aus/nz student architecture congress re:hab, opening address, patron + presenter, july 6
RAIA 2009 national refuel series, 9 cities ‘sustainability in building design’ presenter, june
think brick national energy efficiency strategy, guest speaker, june  5
AAA designbuild world environment day ‘why green is still brown’ guest presentation,  may 21
HIA nsw building and business conference ‘building on difficult sites’ guest speaker, may 1
western sydney urban parks & open spaces forum, guest presentation, april 21

hassell perth, sustainability series ‘the four pillars of sustainability’ guest presenter, october 16
sydney architecture festival, guest presentation, october 6
modern italian architecture tour, italy, tour leader, september 14
new planning assessment commission appointed new member, september 3
ABSA australia + nz conference ‘sustainable housing climate for change’ guest speaker, august 30
RAIA 2008 refuel design seminar ‘exterior glazing in commercial buildings’ presenter, august 24
Venice architecture tour tour guide, august 15
RAIA autumn talk series ‘design for climate: making thermal sense’ presentation, july 15
sydney east architects ‘real green design: getting the basics right’ presenter, july 14
UDIA enviro development forum ‘achieving sustainability’ presentation, july 9
bluescope steel ho chi min city ‘sustainable design modern tropical buildings’keynote speaker, july 4
bluescope steel Bangkok ‘sustainable design modern tropical buildings’keynote speaker, june 25
design build seminars ’15 ways to turn green to your advantage’ guest speaker, june 15
dwell on design LA ‘real, live, modern design’ guest presenter, june 5
BDAA building designers national conference mc + guest speaker, may 1
RAIA national refuel series, 9 cities ‘sustainability in building design’ presenter, april
BDAV state conference ‘real deep green design avoiding green wash’ april 11
RAIA CV08 ‘suburbia’ april 11
RAIA national architecture conference ‘critical visions’ guest speaker, april 10
designex international seminar series ‘just breathe, oxygen for designing minds’ presenter, april 10
informa housing congress ‘a framework for sustainable housing outcomes’ guest speaker, march 27
AIA refuel series feb – mar 08 ‘’real green design part 2’ february – march

NZIA sustainable design series new zealand 5 cities ‘design, energy, materials’ november 12
designbuild green seminars ‘earth, air, fire and water: 4 principles of sustainability’ october 13
RAIA nsw ‘going better or beyond’ presenter, october 11
ADNZ national conference ‘sustainable design’ october 10
sydney architecture festival ‘world architecture day’ festival mc, october 1
RAIA ‘about face: new directions for project homes’ guest presentation, september 26
BDA conference ‘design for climate’ guest speaker + mc, september 13 -15
ADNZ national seminar series, new zealand 5 cities, guest presentations, september 1
RAIA act + NGA canberra ‘save our suburbs’ guest speaker, august 22
NGA lecture series/national gallery of australia, august 22
AAA surry hills architectural walk tour leader, august 19
AAA environmentally sustainable residential experience tour leader, august 11
AAA harbour architecture tour leader, august 4
Europe trip tour guide, june 20
RAIA winter talk series ‘forgotten sydney’ guest presentation, july 17
greater west architects network ‘esd + relevance to architecture’ guest presenter, june 14
AAA world environment day tour, tour guide, june 3 + 5
designbuild sustainable buildings tour guide, june 6

designbuild seminar ‘climate change means a change in climate design’ june 3
GREX australian green build energy conference ‘radical designs for sustainability’ talk, june 2
RAIA ACT environment committee ‘sustainable architecture’ presenter may 24
RAIA canberra green architecture series presenter ‘solar + sustainability’ may 23
RAIA act green architecture series presenter ‘ecology and sustainability’ may 16
RAIA refuel series presentation newcastle + sydney, may
RAIA departure lounge national architecture conference supafuture, guest tutor, april 22
form and function expo ‘climate changes bring changes to climate design’ april 19
fin review housing congress ‘sustainable housing requires radical designs’ guest speaker, march 8

RAIA ansr esd, seminar, ‘climate change requires a change in design’ guest speaker, march 6
RAIA workshops for architects: new directions and better solutions for sustainability’ presenter, march 2
sydney building info centre lecture series guest speaker, february 22

AILA talking shop ‘synergies of aligned professions working relationships, issues projects’ nov 29
NZIA sustainability series tour new zealand 5 cities, guest presenter, november 12-19
NZIA sustainability series new zealand ‘sustainabilty principles, guest presenter, november 6
BDA building designers association, victoria information night, guest speaker, october 30
sydney building info centre sustainable seminar series presenter, october 25
RAIA nsw convention new horizons ‘intentions + interventions’ presenter, october 4-8
cibse / sbse seminar guest speaker, october 4
engineers australia, victoria seminar ‘masonry: material of past + future’ guest speaker, october 3
RAIA nsw chapter ‘hidden sydney architecture gems’, talk + tour guide, september 27
RAIA spring talk series ‘the hidden gems of Sydney architecture’ presenter, september 26
modern italian architecture tour, italy, tour guide, September
AAA white architectural tours: surry hills walk tour guide, august 26
in-energy industry conference ‘energy challenge’ guest speaker, august 18
HIA housing industry assoc WA breakfast series ‘re-thinking brick’ guest speaker, august 11
WEPA willyoughby environmental protection assoc ‘sustainable living’ guest speaker, july
CMS ‘new directions in sustainability’ guest presentation, june 29
institutie of structural engineers qld ‘the future of brick masonry’ guest presentation, june 13
RAIA ‘growing sustainable homes’ presenter, june 6
designbuild australia ‘environmental sustainability in building’ presenter, may 29
AAA / design build tour guide, environmentally sustainable buildings in melbourne may 28
SCAI scala school of architecture symposium ‘recongress’ guest presentation, may 27
Judicial commission of nsw land + environment court annual conference guest presenter, may 27
HIA home and building expo brisbane ‘about face: brick home design for the 21st century’ may 4
RAIA national architecture conference ‘the four pillars of sustainable design’ presenter may 1
RAIA national conference ‘the future is now’ presenter, april 9
AAA white tours ‘harbour cruise’ tour leader, april 6
financial review housing congress ‘cost benefit of sustainable housing’ guest speaker, march 30
AAA white residential tour, tour leader march 18
convation 06 seminar ‘construction meets innovation’ guest speaker, march 15
HIA james hardie design series ‘new trends in affordable sustainability’ guest speaker, march 10

sydney building information centre, sustainable seminar series, presenter, october 25
RAIA country division, new horizons: ‘conventions, intentions + inventions’ presenter, october 4
BDA conference ‘the essence of design’ presenter, september 30
stockland lumina development launch, guest speaker, september 10
albury city council ‘your home launch’ presenter, august 26
SBIC sustainability seminar series ‘the space between buildings’ presenter, august 23
AAA surry hills walk, tour leader august 13 + 20 + 27
sydney olympic park authority, house of future ‘clay house’ presentation, july 14
redscape  property success intensive weekend, guest speaker, june 17
RAIA feature talk ‘growing sustainable homes: architecture’s next step’presenter, june 6
designbuild expo, environmentally sustainable buildings tour guide, june 5
planning institute of australia, guest speaker presentation ‘habitation and habitat’ june 3
RAIA accurate seminar, chairman, may 26
futurenet debate and open forum ‘the impact of new basix legislation’ may 19
AAA architecture tour, sydney harbour cruise series tour guide, may 7
planning institute of australia national congress ‘creative and sustainable communities’ presenter, april 20
PIA conference, planning institute australia, melbourne ‘suburban wipe outs’ presenter, april 19
IWPG coffee morning with tone wheeler april 15
powerhouse museum ‘tricks of the trade’ presentation, march  22
neerg seminar: tricks of the trade revisited, ‘designing for sepp 65’ presenter, february 9

JH nsw customer briefing session ‘design evolution’ presenter december 8
BDA building designers association national conference, guest speaker, october 3
nsw cpd seminar series ‘the green machine’ presenter, september 23
year of built environment seminar ‘capitalising sustainable communities’ presenter, september 10
albury city council ‘your home, energy smart, safer design’ seminar presenter, september 1
francis greenway society green buildings conference, chairman + presenter, august 26
housing forum consultation workshops, guest speaker, june 28
esd talk manly ‘earth, air, fire, water’ presenter june 26
keep australia beautiful metro pride seminar, guest speaker, may 12
society for responsible design change x design forum presenter, april 24
archizine conference ‘water efficient houses’ case study presentation, april 16
object gallery design seminar customs house, guest speaker, april 9
nsw premier’s forum ‘improving new housing design’ guest speaker, april 7
daily telegraph home + building show, CSR seminar’house of the future presenter, april 1-4
archicentre energy efficiency and sustainable design seminar presenter, march 18
RAIA newcastle division seminar ‘environa projects’ march 9
RAIA autumn talk series ‘working with your architect’ presener, february 2

RAIA tuesday night talks ‘architecture + film’ presenter, december 10
master builders national building + construction conference ‘modern market trends’ presenter, october 24
master builders national building and construction conference ‘build your future’ presenter, october 23
landcom shape conference ‘housing design – where is it heading?’presenter, october 8

RAIA ‘working with your architect’ presenter, october 7
archizine conference case study presentation: wayside chapel presenter, august 28
francis greenway society ‘green buildings ratings systems’ guest presentation, august 1
RAIA imagining architecture conference, guest presentation, may 27
SEDA  solar house seminar ‘solar building design’ presenter, april 6

SPUN ku-ring-gai  ‘working with an architect’ guest presenter, april 2
sydney alternative technology association, solar energy workshop presenter, march 23
archicentre energy efficiency + sustainable design conference, guest presentation, march 18

leichhardt council planning + environment committee ‘sustainable design’ presenter, november 25 
BHP Steel “sustainability” workshops presenter, november
envirotech expo ‘energy efficient buildings’presenter, october 18
envirotech expo ‘building a sustainable australia’ presenter, october 17
BHP Steel ‘vision for environment’ workshop presenter, october 11
RAIA spring talk series ‘working with your architect’ presenter, october 10
francis greenway society ‘green housing is a waste of energy’ presenter, august 21
RAIA open day sydney design week ‘working with your architect’ presenter, august  17
RAIA + BGR business forum ‘building sustainable construction’ presenter, august 7
australian greenhouse office ‘cool enough for you’ presenter, july 29
RAIA, MBA + institute of engineers ‘fundamentals of delivering the low energy design brief’ july 24
RAIA nsw chapter awards juror, july 2
BHP steel at 2002 RAIA convention june 5
RAIA convention ‘global local’ presenter, june 3
ku-ring-gai council ‘canopy’ forum presenter, may 18
RAIA  design talks series ‘housing in holland’ presenter, may 13
object galleries design seminar presenter, april 9

BHP architects’ think tanks: tusculum talk  december 5
object gallery ‘eames, powers of ten’ presenter, october 16
AIA monday night design talk series ‘lip service or reality’ presenter, october 2
environa architecture study tours, tour leader september 2
object gallery ‘double take: recycling in contemporary craft’ opening presentation, august 17
AIA winter talk series ‘housing in holland’presenter,  july 2
BDA national conference keynote speaker march

eames talk powers of 10 october 10
B.D.A.Q. state conference 2000 brisbane ‘managing the design process’ presenter

pre 2000
1999 designing australian houses ‘socially and environmentally responsible design’ presenter june 1
1999 a history of the home: women the original home designers june
1999 designing houses for australia march 4
1999 building designers association professional seminar presenter, february 12
1999 designing oz housing february 7
1999 the RAIA for emerging architects series ‘a concern for the unique proposition’
1998 faculty of constructed environment ‘20C architecture + urban design europe tour guide nov/dec
1998 comment piece on dumb waiters ‘comfort zone’ november 28
1998 AIA university of Newcastle and the city tour guide, november 21
1998 BDA ‘the thinking behind SERDA’ september 18
1998 european architecture tour, tour leader september 5
1998 society for responsible design ‘designing sustainable futures’ presenter, august 10
1998 SRD talk ‘medium density housing’ july 27
1997 university of sydney europe student tour guide ‘twentieth century european architecture’
1997 sydney building information centre living expo ‘energy efficient housing’ presenter, october 18
1997 20th c european architecture tour, tour leader september 18
1997 UTS lecture series ‘ university student housing’ presenter, april 28
1997 radio national ‘apartments in australia’ march 1
1996 university of Sydney ‘europe contemporary architecture talk’ october 30
1996 eurotour, tour leader september 10
1996 university of melbourne student architecture tour guide, july 14
1996 university of sydney europe tour ‘20C european architecture’ tour leader
1996 models inc melbourne0 critique august
1996 university of tasmania forum ‘edward de bono house + other ecological ideas’ presenter, august
1996 university of newcastle open lecture series ‘recent architecture in the ticino’ presenter, march 12
1996 house design at home owners centre/SBIC february
1996 arena design forum ‘great southern land – landscape people + culture’ presenter, january 26
1996 SBIC summer seminars ‘extensions, additions + alterations’presenter, january 13
1995 AIA monday night design talks ‘recent architecture in the ticino’ presenter, october 30
1995 university of sydney ‘halting the sprawl, options for higher density housing in sydney’ june 15
1993 AIA monday night design talks various presnetations
1991 AIA talk series
1990 SBIC ‘making the best use of space avaible’
1990 university of sydney europe student tour guide + talks ‘twentieth century european architecture’

1989 beyond the face conference ‘lost in space: out amongst the planettes and satellites’ april 24
1983 UNSW faculty of built environment ‘bowral’ october 8