think brick: about face
in 2006, seven respected australian architects were approached to fulfil on simple brief: to design a new residential building using face brick work as the main feature.

the result was the about face project; seven designs for homes, located around australia, that challenged commonly held beliefs about the material’s versatility and function.

the about face architects were; environa studio, dKO, donaldson + warn, fairweather proberts, kerstin thompson architects, mcbride charles ryan, order architects

environa studio’s client was the nesters – a suburban sydney family in mid-life stream. we developed a courtyard-style home adapted for a local application to provide relaxed, comfortable and sustainable living opportunities. our design inspiration was the roman atrium house meets sputnik, modernism rethought

design solution: the house turns its back on the surrounding environment to focus on an inward courtyard. all rooms are lit from this courtyard (directly or indirectly) with only a small opening to the outside to reduce heat and sound penetration. the internal courtyard is intensely private, allowing for supervision of the family from any point in the house without losing privacy externally.

green issues: external brick walls provide protection from heat and noise while the internal brick wall provides thermal mass for warmth and coolth. shading from deep reveals to narrow windows in brickwork. windows are set back from the external brick façade to provide shading to the internal rooms. we achieved an accurate score of 9. the benefits of brick: reduction of heat and sound penetration. thermal mass for warmth and coolth.