abundant: australian pavilion at the 11th international architecture exhibition, venice

in april 2008 we were invited by the creative directors (durbach, lewin, frost, thompson + warner) of the aussie pavilion to submit an interpretative model of an architectural project we had developed.  the building selected was a starting point to explore an aspect of the project.  the display would reflect our own work and attitude ’reframed as a new thought’ with reference to the overall biennale theme ‘out there’ as outlined by aaron bestsky.
is japanese for the space between inside and outside. we interpret this as the vital
zone for environmental filtering that will enable sustainable “building conditioning” as opposed to air conditioning.

these two models of a mixed use ‘low carbon’ apartment building are studies of this vital environmental filtering zone. apartments are naturally ventilated in 2 ways: the single loaded southern semi-open corridor promotes cross ventilation through doors and screens. stack ventilation through ceiling ducts into the tower “night flushes” uses cool air from the north east pulled across the walls and ceilings into the tower, stripping daytime heat and leaving “coolth”.  the deep public circulation space, protected by landscape gardens over, services the commercial/retail activities. the outdoor space of the “green roof” has food grown and solar thermal co-generation.

the apartments have outdoor rooms with sliding shutters of glass and timber/aluminium that allow them to be sunrooms in winter and verandas in summer. movable pv cells rotate from vertical in winter to horizontal in summer, giving more shade. public spaces of the ground floor are raised over the naturally ventilated plant rooms, bike store/car recharge.

photos by:  tim wheeler / wheeler studios